Friday, December 19, 2014

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Oh, to be a kid again . . . or maybe not.

Sure, Santa is in town. He just visited the library. The kids enjoyed acting out "The Night Before Christmas". After that, all the kids had their turn to ask Santa for toys and such. I even heard one kid ask for a PS4, which is featured in the IP. Perhaps they will get their wishes.

What do you do when you bypass Santa and go straight to the source, your parents? (Sorry, kids, Santa isn't real.) What if all you wanted for Christmas was a library card?

One young patron of mine was so desperate for a card that she . . .

. . . forged a letter to her parents, complete with a self addressed stamped envelope!

This is a librarian's dream come true! Well, minus the misspellings. I'm not mad that my name is spelled wrong, after all, Mollie and Molly are homophones. The young girl consulted a dictionary for "responsibility", which she defended when her mom asked about misspellings. "Inshure" was one that kind of hurt.

Alas, she was not able to get her library card yet. I agree with mom this time. With x amount of cards there are more books to be responsible for. She'll just have to wait another year. Maybe if she asks Santa she might get it?

Moral of the Story: Crime doesn't pay! Even with Christmas right around the corner, not everyone will experience a miracle. 

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