Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Panel Presentation Panic!

ALA Midwinter just rolled by. I caught a glimpse of it, before the weather hit too hard. Saturday morning drive to spend the afternoon/evening exploring the city and Sunday to present on a panel.

What time does my panel start? Oh, I think 12:30pm. I'll just catch the next bus. Luck was on my side. Not only did I catch the right bus, but I made it to the convention with 2 minutes to spare! The panel began at 12pm and went until 12:30. Good golly! I blame the time change.

Whilst running to the meeting room (almost literally), the door gal scanned my badge and I hear, "Is Mollie here?" Whew, I made it under the wire. I'm so distraught from running late that I don't notice who's on the panel until I see . . . my first graduate instructor! She said, "I thought that was you." As it happens, I was seated next to her for the presentation. (And you thought class presentations were hard. Try presenting to a "class" of 60 with your instructor by your side!)

Just like class presentations (shhh, don't tell my instructors) I didn't rehearse. Duh, I didn't even set my power point to slide every 15 seconds. My motto is, "fake it till you make it." Well, I guess it still applies. 

The very brief, 5 minute presentation went rather well. I raved about my library and the kitchen. I talked about the programs I've done with food (of course) and video games. I mentioned my upcoming program, Tasty Travels, for our summer schedule. The teens and 'tweens were mentioned because they are a huge part of why I create my programs. Afterward, another librarian said she liked what I had to say. (Maybe she just liked that I shake tail feathers with the kids.) My only regret was that I didn't have any business cards! Note to self: make business cards!

Moral of the Story: Be prepared! Arrive early, practice your speech, and have business cards. Or, keep your fingers crossed for all eternity.